A consultancy company founded by Vlad Zelinschi.

Its mission is to deliver outstanding business value to customers through technical advisory, codebase audits and on demand trainings.

Everything you read on this website is still applicable, but my efforts have moved towards Strongbytes, where I'm Managing Partner. Feel free to contact me there.

I provide a portfolio of services ready to be tailored to every customer's needs.

Codebase audits

Make sure your applications are built the right way. I can help you with great advice, based on a strong analysis of your code made up front. Improve your workflows, discover best practices and squeeze every ounce of performance out of your product. More details here.

Trainings and workshops

I specialize in React training (React basics, Redux, React performance). A custom training touching other technologies is also a possibility, but needs to be discussed upfront. More details here.

Speaking engagements

I regularly speak at industry conferences and deliver talks on various technical subjects. Do get in touch if you want to invite me at your event. Check out the FAQs page for any additional info regarding fees, travel costs and accommodation.